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High Definition Large Screen Monitor Finger Heart Rate Finger Clip Oximete

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Products Descriptions
  • Oxygenated hemoglobin saturation (SpO2)
  • Precision Pulse Ox Readings – This digital oximeter can read SpO2, BPM, and blood oxygen results in seconds with accurate measurements within +/- 2%.
  • Multipurpose Digital Monitoring – A smart tool for athletic recovery, senior adults, or hikers and climbers, monitor cell oxygenation rates to stay ahead of health needs.
  • Patient type: Suitable for all persons over 4 years old
  • Measuring range: 70-99%
  • Analysis: 1%
  • Accuracy: between 70%--99% ± 2%
  • Oximeter saturation: An important indicator of the oxygen status in the body. It is generally believed that the normal value of blood oxygen saturation should not be less than 94%, and below 94% is considered to be insufficient oxygen.
  • Measuring range: 30 bpm-250 bpm
  • bpm solution: 1
  • Accuracy: 1% or 1 bpm


  1. Insert two AAA batteries(Not included) according to the positive and negative signs in the battery compartment and close the battery cover.
  2. Open the finger clip pulse oximeter clip
  3. Insert your finger into the rubber channel (finger fully extended) and release the clip
  4. Click the switch button on the front panel
  5. Don't shake your fingers and the human body should not be in motion during use.
  6. Read relevant data directly from the display, which can show blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate and pulse amplitude.


  1. Avoid exposure or direct sunlight
  2. Avoid measuring during exercise, do not shake your fingers
  3. Avoid extreme radiation of infrared or ultraviolet radiation
  4. Avoid contact with organic solvents, mist,  and corrosive gases
  5. Avoid using near radio frequency transmitting devices or other electrical noise sources, such as: electronic  instruments, mobile phones, two-way wireless communication equipment for cars, electronic appliances, high-definition televisions, etc.
  6. this instrument is not suitable for infants and newborns, only for children over 4 years old and adults.
  7. the pulse rate waveform is normalized, when the pulse rate waveform tends to be smooth and stable, the measured value read is normal, and the pulse rate waveform is also standard at this time.
  8. The tested person's fingers should be clean, and nails should not be applied with cosmetics such as nail polish
  9. fingers inserted into the rubber hole, the fingernails must be facing up, the same direction as the display

Package includes:

  • 1 x fingertip oximete

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