12 ways to choose the lucky stone bracelet according to the zodiac Energize for a whole year!

Today, we would like to present "Zodiac stone power", the science of the most powerful and classic beliefs Follow to see that Which stone is right? And help to strengthen the power of your zodiac the most
1. Capricorn
(Birth date is 15 Jan - 12 Feb)
"Honest, dedicated, firm"

Recommended stones for Capricorn
• Garnet: Stone of physical and mental health
• Red Tiger Eye: Stone of strength, courage, protect from danger
• Hematite: Stone of confidence and the development of relationships with people

Capricorn people will have an honest personality. High self-discipline Is someone who is fully dedicated to success Also strong and prudent in his career But sometimes he often has problems with his followers or people around him. And Capricorn people are good at spending money Friendly to everyone but many times in his heart he likes to blame himself. And always cannot see the value of one's self

2. Aquarius
(Born on 13 Feb - 14 Mar)
"Independent love, imagination, investment."

Recommended stones for Aquarius
• Lava: The stone of creativity and imagination
• Lapis Lazuli: Stones that represent wealth and glory.
• Carmine Quartz: Stone of love and good relationships.

Aquarius people will love freedom. Do not like to be under anyone's power but are good-natured, cheerful, often have high imagination and creativity In addition, he is also a brave person to invest. Enterprising to create wealth and stability for yourself But in the aspect of that love life It is said that Aquarius people tend to have an unhappy marriage. But he never was afraid or confused about love at all

3. Pisces
(Born on March 15 - April 13)
"Sincere, sensitive, sensitive in art"

Recommended stones for Pisces
• Labradorite: The Stone of Good Fortune and Enthusiasm
• Phantom Amethyst: The Stone of Talk, Communication and Creativity
• Blue Tiger Eye: The most rare stone in the Tiger Eye family. Is a symbol of peace and consciousness.

Pisces are dreamlike, independent people, making him easy to get along with others. Have sympathy and sincerity for friends There is also a talent for art and creativity. He is like an artist that is full of imagination. But at the same time Weaknesses of Pisces are sensitive emotions. Until sometimes stress is easy and still lacking serious determination in life


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